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What This Is 🤔

When you sign up for The Conference Room, you get access to the following:

  • Lifetime access to my Discord private mentorship community ($240/yr value)
  • Textbook Flipping Mastery + all my other paid guides (priceless)
  • Exclusive video examples ($100+ value)
  • Profitable product alerts ($500+ value)
  • Ungating instructions ($250+ value)
  • All future additions (priceless)

🏛   The Community

You will be joining a Discord community of 600+ people (and myself) who discuss ideas, share wins, and help each other with their online e-commerce businesses.

Think of this as a mentorship group or cohort.

You will be able to ask me or other group members questions relating to business, investing, entrepreneurship, fitness, and more.

Previously, this community cost $20/month to join. This means that the new upfront fee of $249 will pay for itself in just over a year alone.

Signing up gives you lifetime access and there are no recurring fees.

🎓 My Paid Guides

Once upon a time, I offered my Textbook Flipping Mastery Guide, Online Arbitrage Guide, and TikTok Growth Guide for $40 each here on Gumroad.

Now, the only way to purchase them is with a membership to the The Conference Room. You will receive all three for for free ($120 value) as well as all future updates and new guides I publish.

🖥️ Exclusive Video Examples

Just in case my paid guides are not enough for you, I have multiple recorded videos of me finding profitable books online.

If you want to see exactly what you should be doing to make money on Amazon, these are a must-watch.

💰 Profitable Product Alerts

Throughout the year, I like to share products that you can buy on different websites that can be sold on Amazon for a profit.

If I share a product, it means I am also buying that product to sell or I would have no issue doing so.

This means if used properly, you will make the money back that it cost to join the group from these leads alone.

🔓 Ungating Instructions

On Amazon, it is imperative that you get ungated in different brands/publishers so that you have more options to sell.

Access to the group will come with ungating instructions for just about any brand on Amazon.


The price of The Conference Room will increase as members join and access will be limited. There will be no warning and it will occur at random. You've been warned.

🎉 Member Results

Due to the nature of this content there will be no refunds issued at any point.

  • No recurring fees. Pay once, and you'll get:

  • Community
    Lifetime Access ($240/yr value)
  • BONUS 1
    Textbook Flipping Mastery (priceless)
  • BONUS 2
    Exclusive Video Examples ($100+ value)
  • BONUS 3
    Profitable Product Alerts ($500+ value)
  • BONUS 4
    Ungating Instructions ($250+ value)
  • No recurring fees. Pay once, and you'll get:
  • CommunityLifetime Access ($240/yr value)
  • BONUS 1Textbook Flipping Mastery (priceless)
  • BONUS 2Exclusive Video Examples ($100+ value)
  • BONUS 3Profitable Product Alerts ($500+ value)
  • BONUS 4Ungating Instructions ($250+ value)


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